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First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church

Making disciples of Jesus Christ in the city of Ithaca and to the ends of the earth.

College Life Recommendations

At FICCC, we not only want you to have a great spiritual experience while you are in college, but we want to equip you to love the Lord, the lost and your local church for the rest of your life. Therefore, we have come up with these recommendations to help you do this. These are not legalistic demands, but rather, we want you to prayerfully consider these recommendations as you seek the Lord’s guidance in making the most of your time in college.

Bible Readathon

We encourage everybody to read the Bible consistently. One option that we promote is called the Bible Readathon. In the plan, you are challenged to read approximately two chapters a day so that you will finish reading the Bible in two years. Every half year, a new schedule comes out for reading about a quarter of the Bible.

In addition to the Readathon, we have a Bible Overview reading plan that takes around three months to finish. It picks out key passages through the entire Bible and is a great way to gain a broader understanding of the entire Bible.

Weekly Memory Verses

At First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church, our goal is to make disciples who make disciples. A spiritual discipline that we want all our disciples to develop in their lives is Scripture memory. Every Sunday morning, we encourage them to memorize a verse that is associated with that day’s sermon. This year, we are going through a series on the book of Acts. By memorizing a verse each week, it will help you to gain a good overview of the message of that book. This spiritual discipline only takes a few minutes a day, but will be helpful to focus on God’s presence and His message.

Here is a list of all the memory verses that we are currently going over. Memory verses will be uploaded after every Sunday.


Part of First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church’s goal to to make disciples is through encouraging accountability between individuals and in our discipleship groups. Here are some resources that may be helpful:

  1. Accountability Questions
  2. Spiritual Self Survey

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