Spring 2020

4/5/20 If God Is Powerful and Good, Why Is There So Much Suffering and Evil In This World? Pat Zukeran Download
1/26/20 The Blessings of Being Adopted Paul Epp Download

Acts: Spurring One Another (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)

8/26/18 Mission Possible Paul Epp Download
9/2/18 Discovering God's Will for Your Important Decisions Paul Epp Download
9/9/18 How to Be Pentecostal Without Speaking in Tongues Paul Epp Download
9/16/18 Evidence that Jesus is the Promised Son of God Paul Epp Download
9/23/18 The Purpose Driven Church Paul Epp Download
9/30/18 Hearing Leads to Faith David Liu Download
10/14/18 Be a Barnabas! Paul Epp Unavailable
10/21/18 The Cost of Hypocrisy Aaron Hui Download
10/28/18 Problems within the Church Paul Epp Download
11/4/18 The Theological Importance of Biblical Genetics Dr. John C. Sanford Download
11/11/18 Forgiving Our Enemies David Ng Download
12/2/18 The Cure for Boring Christianity Paul Epp Download
1/27/19 Don't Waste Your Conversion Paul Epp Download
2/3/19 Breaking Down the Walls Paul Epp Download
2/10/19 Suffering for Doing Good Paul Epp Download
2/17/19 Impact the Mission Field Simon Huang Download
2/24/19 How to Share Jesus with God-Fearing Skeptics Paul Epp Unavailable
3/3/19 Persevering through Hardships Paul Epp Download
3/10/19 Salvation Through Grace Alone Dae Gun Chung Kim Download
3/17/19 How to Reach the Unreached for Christ Paul Epp Download
3/17/19 Workshop: How to Handle Depression Siyao Xing Download
3/24/19 A Tale of Two Cities Ben Hutton Download
4/14/19 Follow! Paul Brown Download
4/21/19 Why Easter is Important to Non-Christians Paul Epp Download
5/5/19 The Purpose of Marriage Paul Epp Download
5/12/19 Growing in Spiritual Victory John Barwick Download

Making Disciples Who Believe... (Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)

8/30/15 God's Standards for Students of Theology Paul Epp Download
9/6/15 The Ways God Speaks to Us David Liu Download
9/13/15 Canon of Scriptures Paul Epp Unavailable
9/20/15 Authority of Scriptures Paul Epp Download
9/27/15 Inerrancy of Scriptures David Liu Download
10/4/15 Clarity of Scriptures Paul Epp Download
10/11/15 Necessity of Scriptures Paul Epp Unavailable
10/18/15 Sufficiency of Scriptures David Liu Unavailable
10/25/15 Existence of God Paul Epp Unavailable
11/1/15 Knowability of God Paul Epp Download
11/8/15 I Am Asking You To Be Different Tsun En Liu Download
11/15/15 Incommunicable Attributes Paul Epp Unavailable
11/22/15 Communicable Attributes 1 David Liu Unavailable
11/29/15 Communicable Attributes 2 Michael Wong Unavailable
12/6/15 Trinity Paul Epp Unavailable
12/13/15 Angels David Liu Unavailable
12/20/15 Satan & Demons Paul Epp Unavailable
2/26/16 Surrendering more fully to God and His Word Dr. John Sanford Download
2/28/16 Why It’s Theologically Important to Believe in a Historical Adam Dr. John Sanford Download
2/28/16 The Scientific Evidence for a Historic Adam Dr. John Sanford Download

Making Disciples Who... Make Disciples Who... (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

8/31/14 Hunger to Learn Paul Epp Download
9/7/14 Obey the Lord Paul Epp Download
9/14/14 Shepherd Others Paul Epp Download
9/21/14 Teach Others Andrew Hocking Download
9/28/14 Are Baptized Paul Epp Download
10/5/14 Intercede for Others Stan Matusz Download
10/19/14 Read the Bible Joseph Cheng Download
10/26/14 One Another Paul Epp Download
11/2/14 Are Committed to Authentic Community Paul Epp Download
11/9/14 Are Motivated by Love Jevon Yu Download
11/16/14 Living in the Light of Eternity James Pannafino Download
11/23/14 Worship Wholeheartedly Paul Epp Download
12/7/14 Jesus" Way of Discipleship Tsun En Lu Download
12/14/14 Sacrificially Give Paul Epp Download
1/25/15 Help the Needy John Barwick Download
2/1/15 Humbly Serve Paul Epp Download
2/8/15 Choose Chastity Paul Epp Download
2/22/15 The Act of a Disciple-Connect to Jesus Minister Bin Tang Download
3/1/15 Love Non-Christians Paul Epp Download
3/8/15 Help New Christians Grow Paul Epp Download
3/15/15 Why God's Good News is Good News Chuck Tompkins Download
3/22/15 Filled With the Spirit Paul Epp Download
4/12/15 Step by Step Derrick Tam Download
4/19/15 Are Going to Heaven Paul Epp Download
5/3/15 Deny Themselves KK Yu Download
5/10/15 Watch Their Lives and Doctrine Paul Epp Download

Colossians: A Christ-Centered Life (Fall 2013 - Spring 2014)

9/1/13 A Christ-Centered Author (1:1-2) Paul Epp Download
9/8/13 A Christ-Centered Prayer (1:3-14) Paul Epp Download
9/15/13 Christ-Centered Doctrine (1:15-23) Paul Epp Download
9/22/13 Christian Transformation Pastor Mike Wong Download
9/29/13 A Faith That Works Pastor Greg Harris Download
10/6/13 A Christ-Centered Leader (1:24-2:3) Paul Epp Download
10/20/13 Christ-Centered Warnings (2:1-22) Paul Epp Download
11/3/13 Church Community & Christian Growth Bijan Mirtolooi Download
11/10/13 Christ-Centered Focus (3:1-4) Paul Epp Download
11/17/13 Christ-Centered Repentance (3:5-11) Paul Epp Unavailable
1/26/14 Christ-Centered Character (3:12-17) Paul Epp Download
2/2/14 Christ-Centered Family (3:18-22) Paul Epp Download
2/9/14 From Generation to Generation David Ng Unavailable
2/16/14 The Durian of Eden Steve Felker Unavailable
2/23/14 Christ-Centered Employment (3:23-25) Paul Epp Download
3/2/14 Our Purpose: Manifesting Jesus Rob Cheeley Download
3/9/14 Could He Be the Messiah? Charles Fick Unavailable
3/16/14 Christ-Centered Justice and Fairness (4:1) Paul Epp Download
3/23/14 Christ-Centered Priorities (4:2-6) Paul Epp Unavailable
4/6/14 Christ-Centered Christians (4:7-18) Paul Epp Unavailable
4/13/14 Christ-Centered Missions KK Yu Unavailable
4/20/14 Christ-Centered Easter Paul Epp Unavailable
5/4/14 Christ-Centered Discipleship Paul Epp Unavailable

The One Another Commandments (Spring 2013)

1/27/13 Pray for One Another Brian Kain Unavailable
2/3/13 Love One Another Paul Epp Download
2/10/13 Encourage One Another Paul Epp Unavailable
2/17/13 Instruct One Another Chad McIntosh Download
2/24/13 Serve One Another Tony Hsu Download
3/3/13 Offer Hospitality to One Another Paul Epp Unavailable
3/10/13 Greet One Another Paul Epp Unavailable
4/7/13 Be Kind, Compassionate, Forgive One Another Luke McDermott Download
4/14/13 Missions Sunday Aaron Larsen Download
4/21/13 The Weight of Glory Charles Lee Download
4/28/13 Bear One Another Paul Epp Unavailable
5/5/13 Submit to One Another Paul Epp Unavailable
5/12/13 Honor One Another Paul Epp Unavailable

Tests in James (Fall 2012)

8/26/12 The Tough Times Test (1:1-18) Paul Epp Download
9/2/12 The Authentic Religion Test (1:26-27) Paul Epp Download
9/9/12 The Listening Test (1:19-25) Tony Hsu Download
9/16/12 The Church Membership Test (2:1-13) Paul Epp Unavailable
9/23/12 Hope for the Hurting Sabastian Huynh Unavailable
9/30/12 The Salvation Test (2:14-26) Paul Epp Download
10/7/12 I am the Good Shepherd (Combined) Tony Hsu Unavailable
10/14/12 Two Lefts Don"t Make a Right Tim Hu Unavailable
10/21/12 The Maturity Test (3:1-12) Paul Epp Download
10/28/12 The Speech Test (3:13-18) Tony Hsu Download
11/4/12 The Conflict Test (4:1-12) Paul Epp Unavailable
11/11/12 Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Ron Hart Download
11/18/12 The Planning Test (4:13-17) Paul Epp Download
11/25/12 Grateful Heart Tony Hsu Unavailable
12/2/12 The Injustice Test (5:1-11) Paul Epp Unavailable
12/9/12 The Community Test (5:12-20) Paul Epp Download